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Feedback from my students
Perfect Lines training
I completed eyebrow hairstroke training technique of Diana Milushkina.
I am satisfied with everything - it was easy to communicate, especially in practice.
Everything was absolutely clear and if you already have a little experience, then it’s not at all difficult. But beginners, of course, will have to make efforts to achieve their goals. Diana is an absolute master of her craft and if you listen to her well, you will succeed.
I recommend!
Perfect Lines training
Dianochka, you are incredible!
Thank you for your knowledge, for your incentive, for your patience! This was very helpful 🙏❤️❤️❤️
Perfect Lines training
Diana, thank you very much for the new knowledge 🔥
For your Patience, Helped me reach a new level!
The “Natural Hair” technique is a delicate work and special information is needed, you revealed to me all the secrets in this technique 🌺🌺🌺
Perfect Lines training
I would like to share it with pleasure with girls who are faced with the choice of whether or not to go to Diana’s hairstroke training. Of course I should go 😍 I am an experienced master, I have been practicing for 8 years and it was important for me to get as much information as possible. And everything happened! A very accessible online introduction with a detailed analysis of shortcomings and mistakes, a quick response to questions, no sycophancy or mercy 😂 but Diana is also very generous with praise!
Now I work independently in technology! No fear. I say a huge thank you to Diana, I’m glad I didn’t make a mistake with my choice.
Shadow brows training
Thanks a lot. Today I trained in a new way, very unusual, but I will try. I am very grateful to you for your patience!
I see that now the coloring has become smoother and as if the spots have disappeared 😍👏
Natural Lips training
Diana, thank you for the master class 💐 firstly, I was very pleased to communicate with you, you are a very sweet girl ☺️ and secondly, you explain everything very clearly and most importantly patiently 😅 Thank you again, I still need to learn how to do eyebrows
Shadow Brows training
Dianochka, hello ❤️
Today I did my eyebrows after our MK, it’s just amazing 👏 Thank you very much, this touch is some kind of magic!
I didn’t even think that such a little thing could change the quality of work so much 🤩
Natural Lips training
Dianochka, this is sincere delight ✨✨✨
Thank you very much! I am very happy that I came to you.
It seems to me that now the lips are becoming my favorite area 😃 I used to struggle with these corners, but now I take it easier. By the way, yes, I understood what you were talking about then 👆🏻 I just usually don’t perceive it at the beginning and only then it comes 😃 So THANK YOU!!! Everything was very helpful, I hope I can send you a couple of works for review 🙏
Shadow Brows training
Diana, thank you very much for your knowledge!
I am very glad that I met you and went to study with you 🥰
You were simply created to be a teacher - you explain and convey information very clearly. It may be difficult, but I understood everything and now I know what to work on! I will definitely send the first works.
Online training
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